Our body has its own beautiful system to process emotions

Energy Healing

Hi, I'm Adina!

Changes are felt from the very first session of energy healing and the difference is there from the start.

Hello, I’m Adina Pestroiu,

I am an intuitive Energy Healer and certified Emotions Code practitioner, mom, adventurous traveler, healthy food fan and always on the look for the good in the world.

I offer individual and group sessions for energy clearing to get unstuck from blockages regarding financial abundance, finding a partner, creating a better relationship with family members, overcoming emotional traumas. 

What is
energy clearing?

Energy Healing


Our body has its own beautiful system to process emotions and let them go. However, when we experience low frequency emotions, some of them can’t be processed and get stuck in your energy body, similar to a wound. During the years, people gather and carry around with them an impressive amount of stuck energies. Consequently, the natural, good flow of energy into the body is disrupted without clearing.

Disruptions in the normal energy flow can lead to all kinds of blockages, physical pain and other problems, causing people to not be able to manifest and have the life they desire or being in certain patterns without understanding why.
A good analogy is to an air filter. If big chunks of garbage get stuck into it, or the filter is not cleared from time to time, it cannot do it’s job properly. It can only perform at a small percent of its capacity.

Changes are felt from the very first session of energy clearing. It’s also important to note that because you have gathered these stuck energies over a number of years, depending on your age and issues, additional sessions might be needed for best results. It’s important to know that it is not possible to clean all the years of stuck energy in only an hour. But, the difference is there from the start.

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I had an amazing session with Adina! She gently guided me through the process, and was very attentive and sensitive to me. I felt comfortable and safe to open up. Throughout the session i felt light dizziness, and towards the end sleepiness. The general feeling was of release and lightness. Great experience, highly recommended😊

Neta Ludrinsky

My clearing session with Adina was my first experience with with this type of healing. Adina was very professional and explained everything thoroughly before beginning. She has a very positive and loving energy and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Adina brought to light several areas that needed attention during the session – some emotions I had forgotten about that really resonated with me. The fact that the session was long distance did not seem to impact the effectiveness. Following, I had a warm feeling of comfort and lightness. I would highly recommend Adina to anyone in need of this type of healing.

Carol Hansen – Creative Director

Adina explained everything so well, was kind and progressed with ease. It turns out I’ve read the emotion code a while ago (I’d forgotten), I was trying to do it on my own and stopped because I didn’t think it was working. However, it’s not until I had a session with Adina that I realised the benefits of this process. She found quite a few things blocking me that I thought I’d moved on from and was really accurate with the ages, and the emotions. It was a really awesome session, thank you!

Kristine Arthur – Analyst at Deloitte Australia

I had an amazing treatment with Adina. First of all, she explained everything very clearly and made sure I was comfortable. When the treatment started, I was shocked at the emotions she could connect with in order to clear. She mentioned things that I had verbally expressed to others a day or 2 earlier which she would not have known! I feel great and love the fact that clearing out things which no longer serve us is possible and I would recommend Adina! Thank you Adina!

Susan Neufeld – Teacher at Gec

I had an absolutely WONDERFUL healing session with Adina. She made me feel very comfortable, explained the process beautifully, and truly has a wonderful channel and gift for energy healing and clearing. Highly recommended.

Colleen Rossier – PhD – Ecology

I had a great healing session with Adina. She was really helpful also very informative!! Thank you so much!

Meng Hsin Tien – Point Loma

Adina have great knowledge in emotion code I loved session with her she cleared emotion block I felt really good my mind was feeling very lighters and I’m feel centered focused had great clarity of thought… I have asked few questions repetitively she gave fully detailed description what I have to know about my feeling and remove the unwanted energy I high recommend adina for her professional work Ask you will receive Thank you Adina radiate positive energy.

Navaneetha Krishnan

I have a healing session with Adina and it was great. She explained all the details and make sure I was comfortable and relaxed to enjoy as much as possible the results. Thank you so much Adina.

Sónia Fernandes – Senior Pricing Analyst at Mitel

I can’t believe 4 weeks has past but i promised i’d get back to you to let you know how i’ve been getting on. It’s been an intense and emotionally draining few weeks dealing with an unpleasant and stressful matter, yet despite the negativity around this, i feel that something big has shifted in me & that the overwhelming desire is to let go of so much of my past. I tend to hoard things and find it hard to let go of things but now i just want to clear everything out and have already made a start! It is like i want a new blank canvas for my life. I am very grateful for the emotional code session and the positive benefit i feel i have received from it. Thank you

Rowen Wilde

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