How do we define energy healing?

Question: I’m actually very curious about how you define healing energy… 🙂 I really liked our session and I’m curious how does energy healing can transform people so much and how does this thing we call energy healing works on us?

Adina: I will start by saying that all that is is energy. Humans, animals, rocks, the air we breathe, you get the idea. Everything is energy.

Energy that is vibrating at different frequencies. The lower it vibrates, it becomes more dense, and we can see. The higher it vibrates it cannot be seen by the majority of people, but it exists.

Energy is also very intelligent. Every bit of IT has the whole information of all of it.

Healing energy is simply put energy that was programmed with the intention to heal and so, with the correct intention, healing energy can replace the energy that we no longer want. What makes it of healing type is the intention attached to it, to heal.

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