What is manifestation and why doesn’t it work so easily all the time?

The goal of most of the people I know is to manifest things: more money, more abundance, more love relationships, etc.

So if all it takes is intention then why one might ask, why some things hardly come true no matter how hard they are desired?

The way I see it there are 2 main things:

1)We have this physical body that we can see and touch. And we can an energy body as well that most people can’t see.

When we experience what we call bad emotions, or traumatic events, or bad experiences, radiation, pollution, low quality food, etc some of these “bad” energies remain stuck in our energy field.

Imagine that all these things are “digested” by our systems in a similar way to how we digest food. The body takes what it needs, assimilates a part (in the case of emotions/energy it can assimilate lessons for example), and then lets go of the rest. Similar to food, a lot of things can’t be digested/filtered easily and they remain stuck, like toxins, and poison the energy field.

We receive a flux of energy all the time. We are like devices that receive constant energy to function.

And us, all the time send energy out from our energy centers (chakras) to the outside world. This is how we get things done, aka how we manifest things.

Now imagine you like someone and you want them to invite you out. You are sending this intention out, this energy out through your energy centers: “I like you, ask me out. Or be open please to talk to me so I can ask you out.”. But before this energy gets there on the other side, to him or her, it goes through your energy field and through all the luggage you’ve been carrying around: like depression, anger ,hate, frustration, low self esteem, worthlessness, energy from the food eaten, etc etc etc depending on everyone.

And what gets on the other side is a distorted version of the original energy/intention because it was imprinted with everything it met on the way.

The person on the other side will receive the distorted energy and will usually respond matching what they received, or lower.

That is why a lot of times people feel they can’t get through with what they wanted, the outcome is not what they intended, or “that is not what they wanted to say”.

For sure you’ve meet people that you could tell what they’ve been through just by hearing them speak. Well, that’s their energy luggage.

By clearing the energy field of stuck energies that you no longer need, what happens is that when you send an intention wave out, you have much better chances of getting though with that what you wanted.

I don’t believe we can reach with modern life an 100% success because of food, pollution, radiation from electronic devices, etc but I do believe there is a good 60-70-80% target that can be reached.

And a 70% rate of success is pretty awesome.

The same principle of manifestation happens for everything that we want.

One way to clear the tank of emotions that do not serve you is what I do, energy clearing. But it’s not the only way: every therapy that you resonate with, everything that brings you joy, better quality food, everything brings another step into a better life.

I truly believe healing is cumulative and everything adds up.

2) The second item that blocks manifestation explains like this:

We receive constantly a flux of energy. Our thoughts manifest our day to day reality.

When a thought is formed: I want to earn more money, the energy starts the necessary paths that need to be taken next so that the intention materializes. But if in the next second the same person thinks: I don’t think I’ll be able to get a better job though to do this, so I will need to suck it up with the current situation because life is hard, it’s the same for everybody. People like me….

What happens is: the energy of the second thought neutralizes and even overcomes the energy of the first thought. And because the second thought is usually fueled by frustration or anger it gets played more times. So the energy leaves what it initially started with the first thought, and starts going into the ways of manifesting the second thought which was chosen by the person to focus on – which becomes in time the reality of the person.

Energy does not consider our notions of good or bad. Energy is creation and thus energy creates. Energy is an intelligent powerful tool that is used to manifest.

The only way I found useful to stop this first to get conscious when you enter a negative spiral. You will notice that the more you let it be, the more it will drain you. The first most important thing is to stop it. Stop thinking about what you were thinking. I believe it’s hard to replace a negative scenario with a positive one, because the emotion is so strong in the negative – but just stopping it, it’s possible.

The next step is that when you can, to start using any therapy that you resonate with to help you identify and clear. I can help with energy clearing but there are a lot of other therapies out there. Whatever you feel it helps you, it’s good for you.

Hope this has been useful. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to add them in a comment.

Thank you for reading


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