Are you friends with your parents?

I read a while ago a thought provoking article on one of my favorite online publications: Cup of Jo, named exactly like this: Are you friends with your parents? You can read it too by following the link.

The article itself makes you think, but the most interesting part for me were the comments of people. So many life stories, so many wounds, so many questions without an answer, so many complicated relationships. The bottom line was that generally, this most important relationship didn’t go so well.

It rang true to me too. I am healing my relationship with my own parents and trying to see things through a more understanding and compassionate perspective.

It also gave me a lot of food for thought regarding my relationship with my son.

What is the case on your side?

Through my work, one of the ways I help people on the relationship with parents and ancestors is by clearing the emotions trapped during different events in one’s life.

Different events and emotions that are hard to overcome can be released so that the person and the relationship can be look at and felt without this burden distorting it. So a reset of the relationship and a new start and continuance are facilitated.

I long learned that everyone does the best that they are and the best that they can at a given moment in time. I also learned that people change and evolve and they are not the same as they were when certain events in the past happened. Trying to understand the situation from the other person’s shoes can help with acceptance.

Another clearing that is done is concerning the inherited energies we have from our ancestors. Parents give children half of what they are at a given time. And that half contains also the cellular memory of all the traumas as energies the parent contains. Clearing these from the whole line helps all involved parties gain a new view of life and enhances the possibilities to understand each other and re-connect with more ease.

How do you feel about your relationship with your parents? What would you need to clear to feel more at ease? Would you be open to be friends?

Food for thought.

Happy Sunday to you! :*

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