How do we stop gathering negative energies in our body?

This is one question I get: Ok, I clear stuff, but what do I do so I don’t get more and more all over again?

Good question guys. And lengthy answer coming 🙂


Trapped emotions are like energy balls that got stuck in various places in your energy field and prevent energy from flowing in the healthy way through that area. The more stuck energies, the bigger the distortion.

An analogy I have in mind is like when fat, cholesterol and other substances clog the arteries and blood is no longer flowing normally through certain areas. The more items that clog, the bigger the the problem.

What is to be done?

1.Getting in control of the emotional state

In my opinion, the first thing that needs to happen is getting control of your thoughts. More to the point: when there is a situation that gets you angry, a lot of the arguments happen in the head. There are whole scenarios and heated arguments going on in there that consume a huge amount of energy. Anger consumes a lot of energy. It’s little a little black hole that sucks up everything in its path.

In reality, what happens in the mind, does not always match what’s going on in the physical, real life. In the mind there is a lot of story, argument and assumptions that happen.

Well, this is about the time you start getting yourself with stuck energies that you don’t need.

The first step to get control of your emotions is to pull the break. All the breaks, all the way. You need to stop the train of thoughts. I don’t believe that when someone is very emotionally involved they can replace negative patterns with positive “la vie en rose” ones. But we can pull the break and consciously stop. Not an easy feat, I give you that. Getting conscious that we are spiraling into negativity and then pulling the break. Make yourself stop thinking about the negative stuff for a bit.

One thing that helps here is to do some physical activity that requires your focus. Something around the house, cleaning, jogging, anything that works for you. Just stop the negative chatter for a bit.

The next step is that after a little while, when you feel more calm and in control, then you can think about what happened and what can be done. You can asses more calmly the situation. Both steps are equally important. Stopping the negative chatter and processing what has happened helps the body process what has been going on so we are not stuck with energies that do not serve us well.

It’s important to know that this skill is something that takes practice and that it only gets perfected in time. Do as much as you can when the situation arises and you will see that with each time you will get more in control. Like with most things, the key is to not give up.

This is something we can also learn and work on during our sessions.

  1. Food, cosmetics, home cleaning items, radiation.

Since you are reading this, you should have already passed by the notion that everything is energy just vibrating differently.

Food, cosmetics, home cleaning items, radiation, are items that we ingest through our mouths or skins and it can help or lower our own vibration.

The effect that food has on the emotional body is huge. The saying we become what we eat is something everybody knows at some level. The food we eat is the food our cells use and thus the energy of what we eat and generally consume becomes a part of us.

Food is something people do not consciously think: where is this coming from? in what conditions did this animal/plant live before ending up on my plate?

It’s important though, because by eating its body you will also eat all the energy it’s made of, its residual emotions and so on. You absorb all that energy that the plant or animal was.

I love the idea of blessing the food before eating it. Thanking the plant or animal for it’s life and its sacrifice and bless them. This aims to raise the vibration of the meal.

Personally, I choose to be vegan, plants have a higher vibration. But it’s a personal choice.

However, being aware of where the food is coming from and taking a moment to be grateful for it it’s something that’s useful to do no matter your beliefs about what to eat.

  1. Meditation.

The meditation I prefer most is the meditation of happiness. Doing things that make us happy helps us be in the present moment and boosts the releasing of stuck energies. Happiness acts like a detox by raising the vibration of the body.

Reading a good book, enjoying a cup of coffee, a good cookie, a good movie, a good friendship, a good sex, a good trip somewhere around the world, an awesome massage or whatever little or big things make you happy is in my opinion the best kind of meditation.

I do other types of meditations as well, directed at various purposes, but although extremely good and powerful nothing can beat in my opinion the feeling of happiness by living the human experiences that bring us joy.

We are here after all to try to make the best out of this human life. The next level comes after all the experiences we wish to experiment have been experimented. The next level comes from a place where we’ve had enough of what we need and we are ready to move forward, not from a place of lack and restriction. Being more spiritual means learn to be more compassionate when you experience human life. Not restrict the things that make this life beautiful.

This is also something we can discuss more at large during our sessions.

And on the point the difference between enjoying something until the need has been met and impulsive addictions I will discuss in one of my next articles.

If you wish to work together on releasing your emotional baggage, please leave me a private message.

Till next time

Bless you

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