Is it challenging for you to connect with other people?

The heart is the center of connection with other people. It is through our heart that we give and receive love.

When traumatic events happen, the heart creates a magnetic field around itself, like a wall, to protect it from too having much pain. You might have felt sometimes in your life that you were numb from so much pain. Well, the heart wall does just that. Numbs you. Helps you get through. And this wall becomes more and more of a fortress the more painful events you go through.

This wall is made of the trapped energies, negative charged emotions that are stuck in your energy field, as these are excess energy, used as bricks.

The fortress of energy is important and very beneficial when one is dealing with traumatic events. It helps one navigate through them, it protects the heart from more pain than the heart can bear. Like a bomb shelter.

However, after the traumatic event has passed, this fortress remains there even when it is no longer needed. And it’s not a good life to always live in a bunker.

So what happens when your heart is barricaded all the time?

One has difficulty connecting with other people. Because from what the heart sends out, only a small part gets through to the other side. So the connection with people happens with difficulty.

One feels isolated, misunderstood, feels like they are always on the outside within family or friends. One feels they can’t connect to their partner or child and feel lonely, alienated and disconnected.

One can’t trust other people enough, because they can’t open up to be vulnerable so they have difficulty entering or being in a relationship.

One lacks opportunities to materialize their dreams. To financially succeed. Because opportunities of all kinds come through other people.

When connecting with other people happens with difficulty, it leads to isolation, depression and even all kinds of addictions that aim to replace the relationship satisfaction we get through connecting with others.

Addictions come in most of the cases I know from different kind of anxieties. I will speak more at large about this in a future article.

Do you feel like this? Dissolving the heart wall can be done through 3-5 sessions of energy healing and feels like a revelation on many levels.

Would love to hear your story.



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