Free group meditation and healing session Friday Sept 6, 18:00 Bucharest time

On Friday I host via Facebook live a free group meditation and healing session.

Start time: 18:00 Bucharest time

Estimated duration: Approx 30 minutes

Meditation part scope: Grounding in the body. As we are living a lot in the mental and to-do space at work and in the personal side of life, we rarely take time to feel our body properly, feel where there are issues in our body, listen to what our body needs.

This short meditation will focus on connecting and re-connecting each side of our body and thanking each part of us for serving us. We will listen to our body needs and re-charge our system while identifying the areas that do not feel so good.

Target: Everyone can benefit. But: grounding is especially important and beneficial for people that cannot enjoy present moment, are always thinking about what happened in the past or planning the future, which at the end leaves you depleted of energy and often times frustrated because there never seems to be enough time for the self. Also for the persons that need to numb themselves with alcohol, cigars, food, extreme sports, etc to escape the anxiety of being alone with the self in the present moment.

Healing part scope: We will release approx 6 trapped emotions from the whole group. How will this work? The group will be “contained” in a bubble of energy and considered as one body. From this one body we will release the most important trapped emotions that are common for all in the group. The combined forces and energies of everyone will make this a beautifully strong clearing.

How do you sign in: If you feel this is for you leave a comment please in this article or in the Facebook messenger to be added in the Facebook group that will host this meditation and healing.

Cost: No cost

Bless you

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