Dealing with addictions

What are addictions really?

Addictions of all kinds happen from the inability to cope with a certain situation that happened in the past.

Addictions give us a temporary escape from living in the present moment, where going through the daily routines are too hard to deal with in the absence of external “help”.

They can be of any kind: smoking, drinking, recreational drugs, eating too much food, eating too many sweets, needing to be busy all the time, too much coffee, junk food, etc.

All addictions are all coming for different lacks: lack of abundance, love, social recognition and connection and the seeds for them are usually placed in the early years of our lives, which makes it difficult to navigate later on without some outside “help”.

This puts one in a vicious circle because one feels they need a specific “something” to go through the day and silence the mind that screams it cannot bear to be in the same scenario over and over again.

Addictions are signs that something needs to change in the life of that person and they don’t have to be “put you in the hospital big” to raise flag.

If one can’t go through the day without a small glass of wine in the evening, or a cigarette, of sweets to feel good, or junk food, etc then there’s the flag.

If we can’t be in our skins comfortably without needing to be mentally away then there’s a flag.

Overcoming an addiction by the power of sheer will offers a temporary patch that can hold for various amounts of time depending on one’s motivation.

But without healing the emotional root cause of the problem, one can fall prey to the same destructive behavior when dealing with a stressful situation.

Addictions show us that there are unresolved issues buried deep down. We can go through the same circle of using whatever we are addicted to, feeling sorry, feeling that something need to change in the future, but doing it again and again day after day because we “need to” go through some routines we could not live through other ways – or take a step back, acknowledge the thing and take the steps to heal.

Emotional healing is a journey that takes us through digging deep inside ourselves and releasing the emotional baggage that needs to be coped with. It’s a journey of discovery but also a journey of liberation that paves the way to that kind of living life that is only a fantasy for the person facing an addiction.

But that life is there. I’ve overcome myself many addictions and when what causes it is healing, I just didn’t have the need to do that something again.

If you identify yourself with this,or know someone that struggling, know that it can be overcome.

You are not alone and help is available.

If you consider trying Emotions Code, a program of 5 sessions is usually needed for the best results.

Thank you for reading

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