The magical act of cleaning your space


I am an avid reader. And in a pretty obvious way, I love reading books that are in some way related to my area of activity.

I recently finished Marie Kondo’s “The life-changing magic of tidying up” and I enjoyed it so much more than I originally expected.

She talks about respecting the energy of things, of cleaning the space of the stagnant energy, and I resonated a lot with all this as it is very similar to what I do. 

And it made so much sense. We usually end up with so much more things than we actually need, which prevent us from properly enjoying our space and making the best of the things we do actually need to use.

All things are energy –  some things are not meant to be with us forever, they are meant to provide us a temporary joy, even if it’s only the joy of buying them after loving them in the store’s window.

Energy needs to flow. To move. To be useful in one way or another. What we collect but do not use is energy which gets stuck. In a similar way with the stuck emotions, if we hold on to them in one way or another they are preventing us from moving further.

Our home is where we spend a lot of our time in. When everything has its usefulness and place then we are more calm and more focused. 

When we keep a lot of energy that we don’t need it burdens us, it creates anxiety, it creates a feeling of unease and dissatisfaction that we can’t really pin-point. 

Do you remember how good it is when you come to a hotel room and you only have and carry with you what you need? All that empty space offers possibility and feels free and good.

For me, the most important things that I got from this book are:

  • Get all the things from the same category (clothes, books, etc) in the middle of one room and throw away or donate everything that doesn’t spark joy or haven’t been used in more than 1 year.

  • The remaining things – order then and put them in one place by category (I believe this was huge for me as I had things from the same category in multiple places in the house.

  • Learn how to fold stuff from Marie’s site and how to order things in shoe boxes, vertically, to gain space.

I ended up giving away + donating + throwing away what couldn’t be donated in about 10 bags of different stuff.

And I ain’t over yet. It felt so good to find my old things new homes. Some went to friends that wanted them, some when to relatives, some went to donations for the homeless. All from books, clothes, toys, etc.

It also led us to discover so many things that we couldn’t find again no matter how much we searched (like a book we’ve been searching for about a year “I love my daddy”) or an unexpected “when did we ever made this happen” lid filled (and I mean filled) with coins (quite valuable and very hidden deep in the back of some shelf).

I feel the energy of the house is changing. There is new possibilities to experiment with what we want and need now that we renounced the things of the past that were filling the space and we did not need.

Releasing stuck energies from the house can actually change your life as the clutter inside or around you is endlessly sending out information. Noise. So when you are no longer stressed with this energy information you don’t need, new doors, new possibilities and new synchronicity happen as your vibration improves. You become more calm and collected.

Try it and see or better said, feel for yourself.

I really recommend this book of Marie Kondo. It’s a short, easy read but totally catchy. Reading her books gets you in the mood to clean up. 

After I finish getting myself rid of all this clutter I’m gonna tell you about energy clearing on your house. As when you are angry, when you fight, argue, have a depression you are sending energy out (as always, we are always sending and receiving information) and your house can get stuck with some of these energies. Sometimes the house has it from its previous owners. 
And as your house has a vibration too, the energies stuck within her are always emitting a certain frequency that guess what? is affecting yours as you spend a lot of time in it.

But this is a story for next time.

Until then, wish me luck with the cleaning and good luck yourself 🙂

Take care of you (and your house)


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