The baggage inherited from one’s parents

When one person is conceived, they get half the blueprint from mother and half the blueprint from the father at the moment of conception. All the genetic material and also the energetic material.

In the same way things like gestures can be inherited as part of the “package”, energetic programs are passed as well to the next generation, which, if not able to find a way to process that energy, can pass it further down the line.

Nature Neuroscience journal wrote an article about a research conducted on mice which found that traumatic events leave cause modifications in the DNA of the sperm which alters the DNA structure of the next generations.
More details here.

Even though the the memory of the events is not available at mental level, the cellular bank contains it still.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, like here, we process emotions similarly to how we process food. We take what lesson “nutrient” we need to get and then we let go of the rest.

If one ancestor experienced a very strong negative charged emotion and they can’t or won’t allow processing (by refusing to think about it, by using alcohol, smoking, drugs, compulsive eating and other substitutes to avoid the pain of processing, or by having way too much to process), the energy will get stuck on the “shelf” waiting for it’s turn.

When this ancestor brings a new life into the world, they give them a copy of what they are, and that may contain also what’s on the processing shelves, which will lead the next branch to feel the effects of the stuck energies without knowing what caused them. Anxiety, disconnection, depression, shame, can alter significantly the life of the next receiver especially since they don’t know why they are feeling the way they are feeling.

If they are unable to process the emotion themselves they can pass it further down the line. Through the cases I worked with, the most I went back was about 30 generations, but there are documented cases of much more than that.

Imagine how many wars, poverty and limitations our ancestors might have gone through. It makes sense that they could have felt emotions so strong to alter they chemical programs in the body which have been passed to the next lines as well.

Energy clearing helps identifying these emotions and letting them go to create new space for better, happier things.

If you feel this could help you and your family, to release inherited baggage, I recommend for best results the 3 sessions package you can find in the “Packages” section.

If you’ve never done an energy clearing session before, you are invited to a free of charge introductory session to see how you resonate with this form of therapy.

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