Movies to lift up our spirits/ Filme de ridicat moralul

A good movie gets us into the story and with that, influences our state of mind and thoughts. I always look for positive movies or at least ones with positive lessons along the way. I try to steer away from tragedies and in general subjects that will influence my state of mind in a way […]

Food for thought, 2nd edition

As after putting together the first list of words of wisdom, I discovered that in fact I have saved in various places many more. And since we navigate through this changing and challenging time we need more then ever words to lift us up. So I hope you enjoy 🙂 “There is a perfect rout […]

Food for thought

Hi guys, I gathered a series of words of wisdom that came my way via newsletters and that I wanted to keep, because each time I read them they get me thinking. So I decided to put them together in one place. I hope they will get you thinking and bring you value in the […]

The baggage inherited from one’s parents

When one person is conceived, they get half the blueprint from mother and half the blueprint from the father at the moment of conception. All the genetic material and also the energetic material. In the same way things like gestures can be inherited as part of the “package”, energetic programs are passed as well to […]

Conscious parenting: Having a child vs being a parent

I don’t know how people are where you come from, but for me, ever since I entered adulthood, there was one discussion that kept on popping on a regular basis each time we were visiting relatives: “When will you have your first child?” Years later, we did welcome our son Levi into the family, now […]

The magical act of cleaning your space

  I am an avid reader. And in a pretty obvious way, I love reading books that are in some way related to my area of activity. I recently finished Marie Kondo’s “The life-changing magic of tidying up” and I enjoyed it so much more than I originally expected. She talks about respecting the energy […]

Dealing with addictions

What are addictions really? Addictions of all kinds happen from the inability to cope with a certain situation that happened in the past. Addictions give us a temporary escape from living in the present moment, where going through the daily routines are too hard to deal with in the absence of external “help”. They can […]

Free group meditation and healing session Friday Sept 6, 18:00 Bucharest time

On Friday I host via Facebook live a free group meditation and healing session. Start time: 18:00 Bucharest time Estimated duration: Approx 30 minutes Meditation part scope: Grounding in the body. As we are living a lot in the mental and to-do space at work and in the personal side of life, we rarely take […]

Is it challenging for you to connect with other people?

The heart is the center of connection with other people. It is through our heart that we give and receive love. When traumatic events happen, the heart creates a magnetic field around itself, like a wall, to protect it from too having much pain. You might have felt sometimes in your life that you were […]